Support to CIs and Pre-CIs

Conscientiocentric Committee


Support to the Conscientiocentric Institutions – CIs

Advises the CIs in their demands related to the process of conscientiocentric management, taking into account the Directives of the Council of CIs, the bases of parapolítics, and the theorice of the consciential paradigm. To do so, it uses the expertise of the Councils and other bodies constituting UNICIN, qualifying the effectiveness of interassistential results.

Support to pre-CIs

Advises the process of development of the conscientiocentric plan with the objective of structuring and enabling the new CI.


It is the process of formalization with UNICIN made by a group of researchers interested in taking on a conscientiocentric enterprise, committed to deepen one or more specialties of the science conscientiology, to qualify for the status of a new CI within the scope of the ICCC – International Cosmoethics Conscientiological Community.

This support is provided through the intermediation between the Pre-CI and the UNICIN Councils, made up of representatives of the CIs. The methodology used allows specialists in their respective areas to share knowledge in conscientiocentric management.

In addition to qualifying the planning, the Pre-CI group has the opportunity to know the systematization of activities in the context of the instances already consolidated in the ICCC. In the end, the plan is evaluated by the Council of CIs, which deliberates on the subject.

List of Pre-CIs

  1. COSMOVISION – Cosmovision Institute
  2. EXTRACONS – International Association of Extraterrestriology
  3. ISIC – Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology
  4. PLANETARY RESPONSIBILITY – International Association for Planetary Responsibility
  5. SERENUS – International Association of Serenology
  6. TEATICON – International Association for the Study and Research of Consciousness