It is the science of self-research, whose objects of research are the resources, methods, techniques, and instruments consciousness can use for self-study.



Is the study of oneself, where the researcher is simultaneously the observer and the object or field of observation and research analyzed.

The technique of self-research facilitates the analysis of personal traits, qualities, and structures of one’s own personality, aiming to accelerate the overcoming and improvement of consciential manifestation, for one’s own good, and for all others.



Self-research corresponds to the first stage of self-awareness, aims at self-diagnosis, and structures all other stages, ensuring a more reliable plan for self-confrontation towards one´s recin (intraconsciential recycling).

Conscientiotherapy is the specialty of conscientiology that studies the treatment, relief, and remission of pathologies of the consciousness, executed through the use of resources and techniques derived from the whole consciousness approach, in its pathologies and parapathologies, prophylaxis and paraprophylaxis (VIEIRA, 1999, 39).

Self-investigation: is the stage of the investigation made about oneself, entering into one´s own intraconscientiality, trying to identify mechanisms of physiological and parapsychological functioning, pathological and parapathological, holosomatic and pluriexistencial (TAKIMOTO, 2010, p.12).

Self-diagnosis: is the stage of self-research for the knowledge of oneself, allowing for accurate self-diagnosis and self-image closer to intraconsciential reality.

Self-confrontation: is the stage during which the consciousness can face itself, through intimate positioning, elaborating self-prescriptions for the relief or remission of the self-diagnosed parapathologies.

Self-improvement: is the consciential capacity or result of the overcoming of consciential limitations in specific aspects or specific facets, aiming at the overcoming of weaktraits, and evolutionary engagement based on acceptance of one´s evolutionary responsibilities.

Self-Research Tools