The Cognopolis neighbourhood

The Cognopolis neighbourhood


Dnot believe in anything, not evenin what you read here. Experiment. Have your own personaexperiences. It is highlighting the Principle of Disbelief that we, conscientiologists, receive visitors in the cognopolis (city of knowledge) of Foz do Iguaçu. The word cognopolis comes from the Latin cognitio (knowing) and the Greek polis (city).

This Cognopolis ended up lending its name to the neighbourhood where it is located, and it welcomes people interested in learning more about conscientiology, as much as tourists in the region. Among the number of attractions is the cognopolis´ Holotheca, its Holocycle, and its Tertuliarium.

The cognopolis neighbourhood was created in 2009 and has an area of 7 million m². of which 1.7 million m² were reserved to conscientiology, housing 25 institutions dedicated to the study of conscientiology, among which the CEAEC – Centre for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology, founded in 1995 by researcher and writer Waldo Vieira, as well as residential condominiums and conservation areas.

The CEAEC brings together about 800 professionals from the most diverse areas, working voluntarily and studying consciousness evolution, conducting research, and offering theoretical and practical courses to the community, on the most varied topics.

At CEAEC there is a Holotheca, a word from the Greek meaning “collection set” or “collection of collections”. Researchers, teachers, and students can find there more than 900 thousand items. The assets include 93,000 books, 6 thousand dictionaries, collections of sea shells, stamps, coins, and anything else that could represent human knowledge.


To visit CEAEC you do not need to make an appointment. Reception works daily (including Sundays), from 9am to 5pm. The visitor, coming from Brazil or abroad, can visit the structure of the campus and surrounding nature, as well as take science of all the activities developed there, being also able to visit the collections and multicultural exhibitions.

In October 2014, the Cognopolis of Foz inaugurated a hotel with 300 beds. The Mabu Interludium Iguassu Convention was built by conscientiology, but is operated by the Mabu Hotels network. It serves not only the visitors and researchers of the science conscientiology, but also the general public.