Conscientiocentric Organisms (COs)



UNICIN acts as an instance of cosmoethical articulation between the volunteers of conscientiology and the conscientiocentric organisms (COs) of the ICCC. In order to do so, it promotes inter and suprainstitutional contacts, fostering peaceful coexistence, cosmoethical consensuses, and a parapolitical cosmovision conducive to boosting the group´s evolutionary level.

Aspects prioritized for the group´s proexological completism

Holothosenology: to consolidate the holothosene of conscientiology on the planet.

Parapoliticology: to lay the foundations for the World State.

Researchology: to qualify and consolidate conscientiology research in the ICCC.

Reurbexology: to contribute to intra and extraphysical reurbanization.

The Conscientiocentric Organisms (COs) contribute to the structural and dynamic functioning of the ICCC

  • Acoplamentarium
  • Invisible Colleges of Conscientiology – ICCs
  • Conscientiological condos
  • Parapsychic Dynamics
  • Conscientiocentric enterprises – CEs
  • Holocycle
  • Holomemory of Conscientiology
  • Holotheca
  • Conscientiocentric institutions – CIs
  • Interparadigms
  • The Cognopolis newspaper
  • Conscientiological laboratories
  • Pre-CIs
  • Tertuliarium