Governing Bodies



Inspired by the organizational structure of the United Nations (UN) and in view of its status as a cell of the World State, UNICIN is structured in social bodies giving technical and operational support to the direct and indirect volunteers of the ICCCI, thus composed:

  1. Collegiate of Intercooperation;
  2. General Assembly;
  3. Secretariat: Secretary-General and Committees;
  4. Councils;
  5. Technical Commissions.

Collegiate of Intercooperation

It is the largest Assembly in the ICCC and the instrument of parapolitical dialogue between the decision-making bodies of conscientiology and the body of volunteers of conscientiology.

The Collegiate of Intercooperation constitutes the forum for the debate of subjects that will impact the life of the cognopolites, researchers, and other volunteers that integrate the International Cosmoethic Conscientiologic Community (ICCC).

It is UNICIN’s responsibility to provide an environment favourable to the debate, so that the groups can listen to each other, respect divergent opinions, and jointly make with their personal and group strongtraits the most assertive decisions in interassistential, multidimensional, and multiexistential terms.

General Assembly

It is composed by members, UNICIN volunteers, and non-members without the right to speak and vote, meeting in regular annual sessions, from January to April, with extraordinary sessions when circumstances require it.

Secretariat (Secretary-General and Executive Committees)

 It is UNICIN´s sector responsible for the management of the institution, formed by the following bodies:

  • Secretary General – Marina Mendes Thomaz
  • Administrative Committee – Polyana Colucci and Jussara Ramos

o Sectors

  • Communication – Izabel da Conceição
  • Events – Elisabethe Domingues
  • Financial – Sônia Ribeiro
  • Protocol – Francineide Afonso
  • Publications – Giovanna Possatto and Helena Araújo
  • Volunteers – Isabel Manfroi


  • Conscienciocentric Committee – Márcio Schünemann
  • Paradiplomacy Committee – Luiz Gonçalves Júnior, Júlio César Garcia, Pedro Mena Gomes
  • Planning and Projects Committee – Sérgio Oliveira



A conscientiocentric Collegiate with deliberative and advisory competence in its area of ​​knowledge, composed of Councils and exclusive members and/or volunteers of UNICIN, or acting in the Conscientiocentric Institutions, with qualification to technically represent their respective Council.


CIAJUC – Council of Legal Interassistance of Conscientiology

It aims to provide legal and para-legal assistance to the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC), basing their guidelines and advice on the consciential paradigm and polykarmic multidimensional reality.


CIEFFI – Council of Economic, Financial, and Taxation Interassistance

It aims to contribute with the Conscientiocentric Institutions (CIs), and other associated bodies in the ICCC by hosting, guiding, and monitoring demands pertinent to the specialties of economicology, financialogy, and tax-auditology. It is formed by volunteers of conscientiology which are professionals in accountancy, finances, economy, and related areas.


CINEO – International Council of Neologistics of Conscientiology

It aims to harmonise multilingual terms and concepts of conscientiology, and constitutes a quintessentially normative conscientiological body. It exercises linguistic-terminological political functions, compilations, organization, planning, normalisation, standardization, harmonization, and dissemination of the conscientiologic terminology internationally, fulfilling the role of technical-referee, and fostering open, democratic, and cosmoethical debate within the ICCC, objectivating the consensus on the linguistic-terminology of the neoscience.


COLEGIOLOGY – Council of the Invisible Colleges of Conscientiology

It aims to coordinate and stimulate the scientific production of the independent researchers responsible for coordinating the Invisible Colleges of the specialties of conscientiology.


CONSEG – Security Council

It aims to bring together people responsible for the safety of the conscientiological condominiums and Campi composing the Cognopolis of Foz do Iguaçu, deliberating on preventive guidelines in this sense and coordinating solutions and actions, and whenever necessary working together with similar institutions in the intraphysical society (Socin).


CEs – Council of Conscientiocentric Enterprises

Its aims are to research, underpin, and favour the sustainable development of diverse enterprises, including conscientiological companies and their respective participant consciousnesses, based on the observation and implementation of practices in accordance to the consciential paradigm in the management of companies and businesses, with a view to cosmoethical financial independence of their components. It represents the conscientiocentric endeavours associated with the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community – ICCCI and the intraphysical society – Socin.


EPICONS – Council of Consciential Epicenters

It aims to promote the development of lucid consciential epicentrism in the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community – ICCC and in the intraphysical society – Socin. It is a suprainstitutional, international, exempt, apolitical, non-partisan organization, constituted by consciential epicenters.


CIs – Council of Conscientiocentric Institutions

It aims to deliberate on themes of interest for its associated CIs, focusing on the overall vision of activities and demands for the many specialties of conscientiology.


INTERSCIENTIFIC – Council of Technical-Scientists of the Science Conscientiology

It aims to accompany, integrate, and disseminate the scientific production carried out by the members of the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC), contributing to the qualification of conscientiology, and its interface with other areas of conventional science.


INTERCOMMUNICATION – Council of Conscientiologic Communication

It aims to accompany and guide the CIs and COs of the CCCI regarding the different forms and procedures in the area of ​​communication with a view to make information accessible to conscientiological volunteers, the community in general, and the intraphysical society – Socin.


INTERVOLUNTEERING – Council of Volunteers of Conscientiology

It aims to define and implement the ICCC volunteering policies, in accordance with the law 9.608, of 18th February 1998. It will develop activities envisaging the qualification necessary to guide the volunteer in the ICCC as regards their personal and group proexes.


PARAPEDAGOGY – Council of Parapedagogy of Conscientiology

It aims to level information and define policies, criteria, and procedures regarding teaching through courses and other related activities, converging to the group parapedagogic construction of conscientiology as a science.


Technical Commissions

The technical commissions are made up of UNICIN members, other conscientiology volunteers, and specialized professionals with the expertise necessary to the commission’s particular work objective, and may be temporary depending on the characteristics of the task to be performed.