The Geniuses of Humanity Alley

The Geniuses of Humanity Alley

The Geniuses of Humanity Alley, or the Path of Logic, is a pedestrian path connecting the Tertuliarium to the Holocycle and Holotheca, flanked by busts of the most diverse personalities of human history, distributed along this corridor 260 meters long – and an open sky exhibition.

The sculptures, produced by different plastic artists, remind us of the biography of these geniuses of humankind, enlivening our memory of their achievements and stimulating us to awaken our inner geniality.


Logics is the science of the laws of reasoning (COPI, 1977), for learning logic is necessary to ensure that our thoughts are correctly organized in order to arrive at true knowledge. It is necessary because it helps us in the reasoning and understanding of the basic concepts of any discipline that we are willing to study, thus preparing us for understanding the contents of more advanced topics.

The Path of Logic

Is the path of the Geniuses of Humanity Alley. Remembering their achievements and acknowledging their contributions to the improvement of humanity´s gained quality of life leads us to reflect on our own trajectory in this lifetime.

An exemplary biography is a technical account of a conscin´s life and their achievements above the average population, evidencing knowledge, experience, and personal experimentation capable of serving as a mirror, pattern, or model motivating the development of similar talents in the researcher consciousness. (verbet: Exemplary Biography)


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