Course of Conscientiology

This course is a unit of non-formal education and it can have different duration. Through this type of courses researchers and scholars of conscientiology communicate the findings of their research and self-research, structured in a logical, didactic, and pedagogical way, in a convergence of the theoretical presuppositions of science with the individual and collective experimentation undertaken under the new consciential paradigm.

The conscientiology courses range from courses with basic contents to others more advanced within the scope of conscientiology, enabling for the understanding of consciential evolution and the achievement of one´s mission in life, or existential program, and providing us with a better quality of life. They can be: introductory, foundation, thematic, long duration, or field courses, among other.

Introductory course. This is a course that offers a panoramic view of the basic concepts of conscientiology, and is in general a short duration course.

Foundation in conscientiology course. This type of course requires the seal of approval of the Parapedagogy Council because it covers the paradigmatic basis of this neoscience, usually having the duration of 2 years.

Thematic course. Such a course focuses on a particular specialty of conscientiology, the type being the most recurrent used by the researchers at the ICCC.

Long duration course. This is constituted by the presentation of entries, or verbets, for the Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology. There is no foreseeable closing date and it will remain so for as long as there will be researchers willing to present their scientific and para-scientific findings through this Enclyclopaedia.

Field course. Field courses present optimized environments for paraperceptive practice, and their workload is primarily used for energetic-parapsychic experiments, with a theoretical part for debate of the experiments experienced.

Integrated Agenda of Conscientiology