Consciential gestation, or gescons, is the priority production of assistantial pieces of work based prioritarily on claritask (clarification task) produced by a conscin (intraphysical consciousness) throughout their human life, with the purpose of assisting the biggest possible number of consciousnesses, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, nationality, faith, socioeconomic status, or gender.

A gescon aims at the consecution of new evolutionary ideals, starting from a legacy of assistance for future generations, going far beyond mere human gestation, and transcending family ties. A consciousness thus assists not only others but themselves, within their evolutionary self-relay. A gescon can last for centuries and positively influence other assistantial work.

Evolutionary self-relay is the situation in which a conscin takes up the work left behind in previous lives, by accessing personal pieces of work left to posterity by themselves in the past. For example, in writing a positive and enlightening book, we can leave to ourselves in the future this time capsule, this information relevant to the future acceleration of our  recovery of cons (units of lucidity).

The lucid consciousness plans the present and future existences, seeking the convergence of efforts. It leaves in the intraphysical dimension resources that will enable the sequence of their already initiated works, making the existential program (proexis) a linear and continuous enterprise, in one same line of action.

Consciential gestations only appear in the development of the evolution of a consciousness in a more advanced stage of holomaturity, or in the embryology of prioritary leading-edge ideas. When a conscin is liberated from all its compromises with human gestations, intelligence inevitably leads to the production of gestations of consciential pieces of work, the magnificent and enduring fruits of self-determination.

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