The Holotheca of the CEAEC – Center for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology is a cultural environment for the research and exhibition of artifacts of knowledge. They are compendia, films, stamps, coins, shells, photos, records about personalities and inventions that have stood out over time.

In the Holotheca – from Greek, holos, “total, whole, complete”; and theke, “collection, collection place” – are exposed 691.115 items, between objects and books written in 20 languages, and coming ​​from 54 different countries.

All these collections of priceless cultural value are classified in 276 sub-collections of artifacts of knowledge (thecas), among them, the library, gibitheca (comics), the periodicotheca (periodicals), numismatics, shells, and stamps.

The artifacts of knowledge are considered as resources for the expansion of consciential attributes, such as intellection, association of ideas, discernment, and memory, among others.

They function as evolutionary tools, creating opportunities for self-evolution for those who want to prioritize the study of themselves. Classification and the study of stamps in the library, for example, can stimulate the development of reason, focus of attention, critical judgment, and organization, among other consciousness attributes.

The practice of collecting requires detail and accuracy as regards the particular characteristics of each stamp, such as: shape, color, filigree, dent, design, and legend.

With the collection of artifacts of knowledge put together under the same roof the Holotheca became a centre for science, as well as a meeting point for the interaction of researchers and scholars from various areas of human knowledge in search of clarification for facts of the multidimensional universe.

Visits and times

The visit to the Holotheca can transform the way objects were perceived to be around. The exhibitions arranged in this environment seek to capture the eye, curiousity, and entice the inquiring mind now lead to details of the cultural artifacts in new ways that unveil a world of knowledge in general little explored.

The Holotheca – Conscientiology documentation center or megacenter of the artifacts of knowledge – is open daily to the public for visits from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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