The publishing of conscientiological books gives an author the opportunity to contribute with their relative leading-edge truths (verpons), the findings of their personal research, besides providing the interested readers with new approaches in the way of dealing with everyday problems, under the prism of the consciential paradigm, and these are catalysts of the personal and collective evolutionary process.

The reading of clarifying neoconstructs on human behaviour under the influence of a healthy or a pathological extraphysical background helps one understand facts and parafacts, and can trigger experimentation, debate, and the production of written materials, moving forward the virtuous circle of research and self-research.

Lucid reading optimizes the researcher’s technical capacity to criticize and choose more diverse readings, this providing tools and techniques for a more useful and evolutionary use of one´s written contents. (Lucid Reading Course, CEAEC).


The person interested in writing a quality masterpiece needs to make quality readings.

“How to have a worldview only by studying the things of conscientiology?

Conscientiology is Everythingology! “

“How to understand conscientiology without studying the publications of conscientiology?

Study, Is Everything! “


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