The Conscientiological Tertulia is the long-term, free, daily, no-prerequisites course in which the entries or verbets of the Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology are presented and debated. It is a meeting or assembly of related researchers discussing new topics previously unpublished, current, of common interest, theoretical-practical, and advanced themes in conscientiology. The Tertulias happen daily, from 12:30am. to 2:30pm. in the Tertuliarium, broadcasted online.

The Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology is considered to be the most complete work on consciousness ever as it encompasses many facets of a consciousness´personality. Part of the research work is done based on the critical and exhaustive analysis of the daily facts conveyed by the printed media, a raw material that shows the reality of consciousness. The style of the text of the Encyclopaedia has structure based on logics, argumentation, association of ideas, and information, prompting the reader to question their personal reality. The Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology provides ample subsidies for the intermissivists to carry out their life program, or proexis.

What matters most in evolution is to gather a handful of people with Intermissive Course (IC), the intermissivists, to live fraternally. Perhaps this is the best practice (formula, equation, scheme, rule, standard, plate, or theorem) of group evolution, premise for the creation of a Cognopolis and for the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC).

“No one evolves alone, we evolve as a group.”

Waldo Vieira.

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