UNICIN is a non-profit, interassistantial and universalistic association of individuals and groups with a common interest in education, science, multidimensionality, and internationality. It is governed by its specific statute and relevant legal rules, and was founded in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, state of Parana, Brazil, on the 22nd January 2005, with the aim of promoting the integration of the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC), favouring its group maxiproexis.


UNICIN represents the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (ICCC), the Conscientiocentric Institutions (CIs), the Conscientiological Volunteering, and the consciential paradigm in intraphysical society (Socin). Being a parapolitical institution, it is up to it to implement the theorical research of its own performance as a cell of the future World State.


UNICIN´s action consists essentially in reconciling differences that may conflict with the real interests of the intermissivists working in the various conscientiological groups, seeking to generate opportunities favouring the emergence of the best in all consciousnesses involved, reestablishing their links to the groups proexes, and the common purpose of consciential reurbanization.

UNICIN envisages ensuring the continuity and expansion of the consciential paradigm, through multiple teaching, research, and extension activities, favouring the group experience of the basic principles of the science conscientiology, and its specialities.

UNICIN aims at preserving the holomemory of conscientiology, of the ICCC, the CIs, and of its conscientiological body of volunteers, at the same time constituting a synergistic and catalytic focus harmonizing the action of its members, volunteers, CIs, and COs, envisaging consciential joint action.

Finally, UNICIN fosters a favourable environment for debate, so that the different groups can listen to each other, respect divergent opinions, and make the most assertive decisions in interassistantial, multidimensional, and multiexistential terms, considering the personal and group strongtraits.


Materthosene – Megafraternity



  • Parapoliticology. UNICIN is the CI for political articulation within the ICCC, responsible for creating dialogue space between the different groups, through agreements, covenants, group rules, assistantial minutes, technical advice, technical guidelines, and other means, based on the cosmoethical principle stating: “may the best for everyone happen”, and it is a non-partisan body in its essence and in its theorice.
  • Paradiplomaciology. UNICIN acts as an ombudsman for personal and group evolutionary needs, seeking to act as a priority in the prophylaxis of conflicts and fundamentally in the convergence of interests, aptitudes, and strongtraits in favour of the group´s maxiproexis completism. This objective often becomes a true, relevant and timely challenge, in face of the various holobiographic and pluriexistential traits of the ICCC members.
  • Conscientiocentrology. UNICIN hosts, guides, and gives follow-up to Pre-CIs, CIs, and COs, aiming to promote the convergence of interests and interassistancial synergism in the many areas of their performance.
  • Extraphysicology. It is incumbent upon conscientiologists, particularly when parapsychic, to deepen their studies of how extraphysical and intraphysical interactions happen, identifying what level of influence and impact on consciential conduct is present, aiming to broaden their connectivity with the various extraphysical support teams, thus enhancing assistantial actions in intraphysicality.



UNICIN signa portrays the dynamics of institutional maximechanism, in the mode of interassistantial gears, in which all are important, necessary, and vital for the functioning and the sought contituity of conscientiology in its essence.

UNICIN contemplates the concurrence of the conscientiocentric bodies, CIs, Pre-CIs, conscientiological condos, conscientiocentric companies, Invisible Colleges, working groups, research groups, boards, Collegiate, committees, commissions, suprainstitutional projects, and institutional projects providing a favourable environment to the conscientiological evolutionary group, towards the existential completism of the group´s maxiproexis. And, in the continuous dynamics of Interassistance, it preserves the delicate and multidimensional fabric of the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community – ICCC.


Code of Group Cosmoethics- CGC

The Code of Group Cosmoethics is the set of norms of collective conduct grounded in discernment, responsibility, integrity, fairness, and respect for individuality proposed and fulfilled by groups of interested conscins and/or consciexes in the manifold dimensions of manifestation, from the interassistantial maximechanism.


  • Punctuality. Arrive 15 minutes in advance of scheduled time to your UNICIN appointments, so that the balance of personal energies and intimate harmonization can optimize interassistance.
  • Strongtraitism. Recognize the consciounesses and institutions’ strongtraits, aiming at the empowerment and conquest of interconfidence in relationships.
  • Priority. Always communicate clearly the sequence of completion of UNICIN’s priority demands.
  • Courage. Position yourself in a frank, authentic, and coherent manner, establishing multidimensional rapport, independent of any divergent positions in the group, assuming cosmoethical autonomy.
  • Openness. Act with cosmoethical openness and neophilia, valuing divergent opinions, using the exhaustivity technique to qualify decisions.
  • Proactivity. Make it happen by using personal initiative, based on group consensus, prioritizing interassistance.
  • Orthothosenity. Eliminate mental rumination and practice thosenic secrecy out of the institutional environment, based on cosmoethical mental organization.
  • Assertiveness. Practice objective interpersonal communication, listening empathically, with interassistantial feedbacks, thus qualifying personal and group interelationships.
  • Innovation. Be evolutionary bold in the exercise of your conscientiological volunteering, creating new interassistantial opportunities.


To access UNICIN´s statute click on the link below. You can even download the file.